carolina Galdiz


Carolina can best be described as always on the move.  A lifelong sporty gal, she found yoga as a college athlete when it was a part of her training on the rowing team.  Since graduating, she has practiced nearly daily and turned her mat, both in times of transition and in times of stability, to cultivate strength and self awareness.  She firmly believes that the focus required to show up and consistently overcome the physical and mental challenges of a yoga practice, leads to an unshakeable confidence that stays with you off your mat.  Her goal is to motivate and inspire her students, so that they walk out of class feeling lighter, brighter and stronger than when they walked in.


Favorite Song: 679 & No Diggity' by Jackson Breit

Favorite Mantra: It doesn't get easier, you get stronger

Other Luna Yogi Hat: Business Development Lead

Weekly Class Times:

☞MON 7:30 PM Everybody Fights Seaport

☞TUE 6:45 PM CPY Ink Block

☞THURS 6:15 AM CPY Ink Block

☞SUN 12:00 PM Everybody Fights Seaport

Follow: @carolinagaldiz