Abby campbell


Abby's yoga journey started in December 2016 when she took a self-proclaimed mental health day from work and went to her first class at Corepower.  After years of doing gymnastics growing up, yoga felt familiar in her body and it reignited the strength and flexibility she thought she had lost. It also forced her to slow down maybe for the first time in her life and she was instantly hooked.  She's passionate about fitness and always wanted to be an instructor, so when yoga sculpt teacher training came up, she checked any hesitancy at the door and said "yes". It's the best thing she's ever done for herself.  Her sculpt classes are high energy and driven by the beat of the music, guaranteed to leave you feeling sweatier and a little bit stronger when you walk out. She aims to push her students past their limits, but always empower them to take charge of their practice and bodies. When she's not in the studio, you can find her working full time as a PR professional, sweating it out at Soulcycle, eating guac at Loco or running around South Boston.


Favorite Song: Kings of Summer by Ayokay & Quinn XCII
Favorite Mantra: YOU ARE ENOUGH

Weekly Class Times:

☞TUE 7:45 PM CPY Ink Block

☞WED 5:15 PM CPY Seaport

☞SAT 10:45 AM CPY Ink Block

Follow: @gailcampbell